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Focus your Brain.
Improve your Game.

The cutting-edge technology behind COGS Neuroframing is grounded in proven neuroscience. COGS™ is a ground-breaking technology that frees your mind to focus more intently, increase mental response times, and maintain higher levels of sharpness for longer periods of time without fatigue.

Wellness and Learning

COGS® is built with a new technology that uses lights in motion in the peripheral field of view to naturally reduce cognitive load.
Increase Focus
COGS® Neuroframing uses non-threatening motion in the peripheral vision. This particular type of motion has a calming effect allowing the wearer to focus more intently and remain alert. This type of visual display has been named OSCLR.
Reduce Fatigue
The Optically Stimulated Cognitive Load Regulation of COGS® is a chemical-free alternative that stimulates a natural process in the brain enabling the wearer to learn more faster and stay alert longer.
Clear Brain Fog
The OSCLR Effect was first discovered in 2015 by Dr. Andy Bevilacqua during his doctoral research. OSCLR stands for Optically Stimulated Cognitive Load Regulation and has been demonstrated to help improve learning, increase retention and promote concentration by blocking distractions and clear brain fog.

Our very own Dr. Andy Bevilacqua was nominated for the National Medal of Technology and Innovation for inventing the technology that powers each pair of COGS gaming glasses