COGS – Your Eyes Will Thank You For COGS’ Anti-Reflective Coating

COGS – Your Eyes Will Thank You For COGS’ Anti-Reflective Coating


Whether you are a novice, recreational gamer, or an advanced, professional gamer, one thing is for sure: you always want to be on top of your game. Part of staying on top of your game is having the best vision possible. Many gamers wear glasses to help make the images on the screen sharper and more focused. Unfortunately, a lot of gamers experience issues with glares and annoying reflections while wearing their glasses. Reflections can be detrimental to your gaming success as they make things less sharp and more challenging to see. COGS’ gaming glasses are an option for gamers whether you are just starting out or have been gaming for years. Our glasses contain an anti-reflective coating so that you can game all day long without having to worry about awkward reflections and image-disturbing glares.  

See Better

Anti-reflective coating technology coats glasses on both the inside and outside to prevent glare and reflections. The main benefit of this technology is that you can see better. When playing video games, it is critical that your vision is 20/20 without any visual distractions. Seeing better means playing better! 

Sharper, Clearer Images

You’d like to think that by putting on a pair of glasses, all images would be sharp and clear. Unfortunately, depending on the glasses, this may not be the case. COGS’ glasses utilize anti-reflective technology to ensure that the images you see on your screen are as sharp and clear as possible. Anti-reflective glasses can give you the competitive edge you need over your opponents. 


An anti-reflective coating on glasses helps reduce glare. Glare reduction is critical when you are driving with glasses on. Too much glare while driving can actually cause accidents. It is essential that reflections and glare are reduced so that drivers can fully concentrate on the road and see everything that is going on around them. The same is true for gaming. Glares are distracting and can lead to mistakes and missing things on the screen. 

More Light Reaching Your Eyes

Another benefit of anti-reflective glasses is that they allow more light to come through the glasses. The more light comes through, the better you will be able to see.

Fewer Scratches 

The anti-reflective coating has additional benefits beyond improving your vision. The coating also prevents scratches and smudges. This keeps your glasses cleaner and easier to see out of. The coating also helps the glasses be more durable and longer-lasting. Since anti-reflective lenses are less likely to scratch, you can get a lot more years out of your lenses. Anti-reflective lenses are a good investment and will help you save money on glasses in the future by not having to replace them as frequently. 

Reduce Blue Light Exposure 

Anti-reflective glasses can also help reduce blue light exposure. Blue light is emitted from many types of electronic devices, including mobile phones, computers, LED TVs, and more. According to NVISION, “Too much blue light has been linked to poor sleep and metabolism changes from changed circadian rhythms, as well as damage to the retina over time.” If you work on a computer all day and spend your evenings playing video games, then you are probably getting a lot of blue light exposure throughout the day. Those who play video games right up until bedtime might find their sleep disrupted. Fortunately, anti-reflective COGS glasses will also help filter out blue light rays. This means you can play video games well into the night without having to worry about having trouble falling asleep!

More Attractive Lenses

Anti-reflective lenses are very functional and practical, but they also are more attractive. Lenses that are not anti-reflective do the obvious… reflect light! The reflection is an eyesore! It can end up covering the whole lens and block people from actually seeing your eyes. 

Additional COGS Technology 

In addition to anti-reflective lenses, COGS glasses have many other cutting-edge, technological features that make them the best gaming glasses around. Check out some of our favorite features: 


  • Light-emitting technology – peripheral distractions are blocked, lowering the cognitive load and increasing mental sharpness and focus.
  • Cutting-edge – COGS technology is grounded in neuroscience research and studies.
  • Polycarbonate frame – the polycarbonate frame makes the glasses lightweight, comfortable, and durable.
  • Capacitive touch – the glasses contain one button for ease! Change various settings, all with just the touch of a button.
  • Low light blue & purple setting – this setting helps reduce mental fatigue by improving focus and clarity.
  • Updated hinging capability – ever put on a pair of glasses that dig into your nose, hurt behind your ears, and are just downright uncomfortable? The COGS’ updated hinging capability makes glasses comfortable to wear as long as needed.
  • Smaller battery compartments – the last thing you need while gaming is the battery in your glasses to die! COGS’ gaming glasses have small, long-lasting batteries that allow you to play for a long time while keeping the frame lightweight. 


Are you a recreational gamer looking to improve your skills? Are you a beginner trying to play comfortably for more extended periods of time? Or perhaps you are a professional gamer hoping to sharpen your skills and increase your competitive edge on your opponents. Whatever the case, COGS gaming glasses can help. These glasses contain an anti-reflective coating that allows more light to come through while reducing glare and annoying reflections. It keeps your glasses scratch-free, reduces blue light exposure, and helps you to see better overall. For more information about COGS glasses and all the cutting-edge technology that goes into them, contact us today.

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