Are Gaming Glasses Good for Kids?

Are Gaming Glasses Good for Kids?
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Kids these days…have a lot of screen time. Whether it’s schoolwork on a computer, family time watching a movie, or personal time playing video games, their eyes and brains are exposed to a lot of screen stimuli. With their bodies still growing, visual and mental development can be both positively and negatively affected by video game playing or any other screen-based activity. If adults need eye protection for long screen sessions, then kids need them even more. Cogs Gaming glasses for kids are designed to protect them while allowing them the freedom to grow in a modern world.

What are Gaming Glasses?

Gaming glasses are specialty glasses with lenses designed to reduce the harmful effects of visual overstimulation. When playing video games, your senses are constantly targeted with visual and audio stimuli, which can sometimes cause the brain to become overstimulated. This can lead to exhaustion, foggy brain, memory and focus problems, and more. Suffering from cognitive overload can not only decrease your gaming performance; it can lead to lower-quality work in all aspects of your life.

Long gaming sessions also wreak havoc on the eyes. Focusing for so long on so many visual cues can lead to blurry vision, eye strain, dry eye, and even headaches. As your eyes strain to focus on everything the screen is showing you, the muscles behind the eyes are at an increased risk of degeneration. And for younger eyes, the damage can become more extensive. With the proper pair of gaming glasses, however, both eyes and mind can be spared.

How Do Gaming Glasses for Kids Help?

In the same way computer glasses help you focus at work, gaming glasses improve focus and vision when playing video games. The lenses are specifically designed to help reduce the effect of blue light that is commonly found in many video games. Blue light can affect sleep patterns, damage retinal cells, and can eventually lead to macular degeneration. Without proper protection, children who are overexposed to blue light will suffer lower school performance and overexhaustion. But gaming with the proper pair of glasses can diminish these effects.

Children have naturally larger pupils than adults, meaning their eyes absorb more light over time. And as their eyes are still in development, overexposure to blue light can cause eye damage that can potentially become permanent. Gaming glasses also reduce eye strain by helping the brain’s visual cortex stay focused, reducing dry eye and blurry vision while playing games.

Gaming glasses also improve a child’s overall gaming performance. Children may be more likely to become agitated or upset after losing a match or failing to solve a difficult puzzle. But gaming glasses help improve their memory retention and visual focus, allowing them to play with more skill. With increased interest and performance in their hobby, your kid is sure to thank you for providing them with the key to victory.

Are Gaming Glasses Right for My Kid?

After reading about the hazards of too much screen time, it may sound like a good idea to cut off video games and non-essential screen usage for your kids altogether. After all, no exposure to blue light will certainly improve sleep and schoolwork, right? But be honest with yourself: your kids live in a modern world that is growing more technologically advanced every minute. Cutting children off from technology makes less sense these days, especially as they grow older.

More than that, video games are an excellent way for kids to relax and let off steam when they’ve had a rough day. Video games are a great outlet for frustration, anger, and pent-up creativity. Certain video games have also been linked to improved hand-eye coordination, memory and focus, and even school performance.

Protecting your child from the harms of video games is less about stopping them from playing, and more about making sure they are properly equipped for gaming sessions. If you want to protect your child’s eyes and brain from overstimulation while still allowing them to be a part of the modern world, investing in a quality pair of gaming glasses is the answer.

Can Gaming Glasses Help With Homework?

Gaming glasses don’t just improve your child’s focus during a gaming session; they’re also helpful for school work and studying. More and more these days, schools require students to work on screens in some capacity, whether it’s at home on a laptop or at school in a computer lab. Even if they aren’t playing games, being exposed to screen time can still cause vision issues and problems with focus. Gaming glasses can help your children focus better while doing homework, and the added benefit of improved memories means they’ll be more likely to retain information, improving their overall grades.

How to Choose the Right Glasses for Your Kid

There are a lot of gaming glasses on the market these days, but gaming glasses for kids are pretty recent. Still, there are many choices for glasses for your child, and choosing the right one can seem daunting. Choosing the right glasses to fit your child’s needs is as important as the decision to get them glasses in the first place.

When looking for the right pair of glasses for your child, make sure you’re getting video gaming-specific glasses. Computer glasses can certainly help with focus and attention and blue light glasses can help reduce eyestrain, but gaming glasses are designed for a better overall experience. Gaming glasses are designed to have a more comfortable fit. With a softer nose grip and specialty ear hooks, your kids won’t suffer ear pain or walk away with nose indents other glasses can cause.

Video games have become even more popular, and so too have video gaming glasses. And now, there are more of them being made for kids. Cogs Kids’ gaming glasses are designed to be comfortable and helpful. Screens can put your children through a lot of physical and mental stress if not combated properly. The blue light can negatively impact sleep and memory, while the eye strain can reduce focus and cause vision problems. If your child loves to game, and you want to keep them safe, a pair of Cogs gaming glasses for kids is the way to go.

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