Gaming Glasses 101

Gaming is a popular pastime, an easy way to unwind after a long day at work, party with some friends, or enjoy a family night together. Whatever kind of games you enjoy, there are so many options available on the market today. You can find individual games, couple’s games, games that let you spend time with your friends, or family-friendly games for people of all ages to enjoy.

However, with the increase of overall screen use in our chaotic lives, gaming can end up being just one more strain for our already overworked eyes and brain.

As research in the field has advanced, we now know much more about how our eyes react to blue light and extended periods of time staring at screens. In short, we’ve unequivocally learned that we have to protect our eyes from digital overload.

Blue-light reducing glasses have been around for a number of years, but they are extremely limited in the degree to which they can help reduce eye strain. Furthermore, these glasses do not do anything to help reduce mental load or increase gamers’ focus.

Thanks to the latest high-tech developments in eyewear, including designs originally developed for military applications, COGS gaming glasses are revolutionizing what gaming glasses are capable of.

What Are Gaming Glasses?

Gaming glasses are far from a fad or short-lived style trend. They’re functional pieces of hardware that have a measurable impact on your mental and visual health as well as your
gaming performance.

When you go outside on a sunny day, you know that without proper sunglasses, your eyes can end up the worse for wear in little to no time.

So when you sit down to play games with high contrast, tiny text, and often startling brightness levels, it stands to reason you should have eyewear that can help protect your eyes from strain and overuse. Hence, the advent of true gaming glasses.

Our gaming glasses are intended for anyone who plays
games regularly, or frankly anyone who deals with eye strain or mental fatigue.

However, COGS are more than just blue-light filtering glasses. They help you stay focused longer and even play better overall. They reduce eye strain and elevate mental health. COGS gaming glasses are the whole package when it comes to gaming right.

Since many of us spend the majority of our work
and/or school days on computers, eye strain is an increasingly common ailment these days. Even without prolonged exposure to screens throughout the day, it’s all too easy to end up with the same symptoms.

As a result, people can develop what is sometimes referred to as computer vision syndrome. We will look more closely at some of the symptoms of prolonged screen exposure in a moment, but first, let’s wrap up our working definition of gaming glasses.

Ultimately, gaming glasses tackle many common vision problems associated with gaming. Reducing screen reflections and filtering blue light are just the tip of the iceberg.

As a result, it is essential to note that what many commonly refer to as “gaming glasses” aren’t actually gaming glasses at all. Conventional blue-light filtering glasses perform only that one simple function, which ultimately fails to sufficiently reduce the stress levels within your ocular lens – thus offering no prevention or avoidance of developing computer vision syndrome, ocular eye strain, and other visual stressors.

What Do Gaming Glasses Do?

Gaming glasses do many things to keep your eyes safe. With the use of anti-reflective coatings, magnification technology, and blue light protection, COGS gaming glasses can help reduce eye strain, computer vision syndrome, headaches, dizziness, and migraines associated with digital ocular stress.

You should also ensure your gaming eyewear has an anti-reflective coating, which helps drastically reduce the glare from digital screens and devices. Not only does this make it easier to see your screen, but it also can help you see color contrast better and even improve your reaction time. No glare means you can be playing your best game.

Magnification technology makes it easier to see what is in front of you without squinting or sitting as close as possible to the screen. Reduce eye strain with the powerful magnification technology in every pair of COGS gaming glasses.

Blue light protection is essential. Chances are you have heard of, seen, or even used a blue-light filter on your cell phone. These filters can do a lot to save your eyes from unnecessary strain and pain.

Blue light protection is also essential because it helps keep your sleep cycle more in tune naturally. Prolonged daily exposure to blue light can drastically decrease melatonin levels, creating poor sleep habits and restless nights.

Studies have proven that glasses with blue light protection can help prevent melatonin suppression and increase overall sleep quality. Because of this, it is always good to use gaming glasses that offer blue light protection, especially later in the evening hours.

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Dry Eyes
Blurred or Double Vision
Irritated eyes

Do Gaming Glasses Work?

In short, yes! There is unequivocal evidence and real science behind the technology used in COGS gaming glasses.

We originally discovered and patented our eyewear technology for military applications, but quickly realized that they might benefit the gaming community as well. So we did additional studies and research, and found that the results held true.

Granted, some gamers may not experience eye strain or mental fatigue of any kind. But that likely just means they’re not gaming long enough to induce those symptoms.

The studies behind the technology we invented and use in our patented gaming glasses show time and time again that people who suffer from computer vision syndrome and other ocular screen-related problems see improvements in their symptoms when using gaming glasses.

Eye strain itself can lead to other problems such as headaches, tired/red/itchy/dry eyes, and blurry vision. In severe enough cases, individuals might develop an ongoing problem known as ocular migraines, leading to sudden blacking out, nausea, and dizziness.

Furthermore, your sleep cycle is delicate and can be easily thrown off by any exposure to blue light. Blue light has also been linked to retinal damage, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

If that’s not enough to convince you to invest in a pair of COGS gaming glasses, then maybe these last facts will help you change your mind. Oversaturation of blue light can even make you less visually acute, meaning it becomes hard to focus. Photochemical damage can be induced by blue light exposure over time. And worst of all, these symptoms become layered on top of one another, creating the possibility of increased mental health issues, stress, weight gain, and overall increased risk of disease.

In short, all of this gets bundled into the term “computer vision syndrome,” which puts you behind your game and drains you.

This is where the technology behind gaming glasses is paramount. Gaming glasses are explicitly designed to avoid all the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. They are carefully crafted to filter and balance out light, absorb blue light, combat fatigue, magnify your field of vision, increase productivity, and protect your eyes.

Wearing COGS gaming glasses is a conscious choice to take care of your body, conquer the task before you, and protect your eyes for everything they encounter in your future.

Lens Tinting & Other Features

Are Gaming Glasses Worth It?

So the question many gamers will find themselves asking is, are gaming glasses worth the investment?

Considering the short- and long-term benefits, cutting-edge gaming glasses are a no-brainer investment for semi-serious and hardcore gamers. Casual gamers may not see the need, but for those spending a few hours a day or more gaming, the benefits are substantial.

Weigh the price of the hardware against the costs of restless/interrupted sleep, eyestrain and headaches, and dry and itchy eyes. Like buying a good gaming chair to take care of your back, it’s recommended to invest in eyewear to take care of your eyes.

The key is to invest in reputable and reliable eyewear that can keep your eyes at their optimal vision levels. Currently, the only gaming glasses on the market are our own, as all others are simply blue-light filtering lenses.

The Best Gaming Glasses

When it comes to finding the right gaming glasses for your needs, the task might seem daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be challenging to find the right pair for you when you take a detailed approach to find the best option.

First of all, remember gaming glasses are really for anyone. Whether you are a professional gamer, occasional gamer, or spend a lot of time in front of screens for work, gaming glasses can help protect your eyes, help improve sleep quality, and reduce symptoms associated with mental fatigue.

If you have had continuous problems associated with exposure to screens and blue light, it is also wise to speak with an eye doctor for a full assessment. If it makes sense to buy gaming glasses, head over to our store to see all of our available models.

COGS gaming glasses are ultimately the only choice at the moment. Our technology is patented, and the benefits reach far wider than anything offered by conventional “blue-light-filter-only lenses.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are you have some lingering questions about gaming glasses and whether you should invest in a pair. Have no fear!
COGS is here to help with some commonly asked questions and answers to help you make the right decision today.
Do they help with eye fatigue?

Yes! COGS gaming glasses are all about helping you focus by reducing blue light, glare, and screen overload. They make your eyes feel rested and less strained, allowing you to focus longer and more sharply on the games before you.

How does it work?

COGS gaming classes use technology backed by neuroscientific studies to help enhance your video game experience. Even if you are not a professional gamer, your game will excel with these glasses because of the light-emitted technology and reduction in cognitive load.

Are they stylish and comfortable?

While everybody wants to protect their eyes, comfort and style are all a bonus of the sleek COGS gaming glasses design. Starting at $159.99 a pair, these comfortable and stylish glasses bring you the very best in cutting-edge neuroscience-backed technology at a reasonable price. Just visit our website to preview our cool gaming glasses today.

Can any age use them?

Yes! Gaming glasses can really be used by anyone and everyone who plays games or works with screens for extended periods. Kids can use them to help protect their eyes, and grown-ups can use them to keep their eyes sharper longer. Whatever your age, improve your eyes’ future by wearing these sleek gaming glasses from COGS.

Do they last a long time?

The best thing about gaming glasses is that they last a long time. In theory, your frames should be suitable forever, and your battery pack needs to be changed. The lenses are designed to reduce scratches and smudges. Even if you have to get the lens repaired or changed over time, the leading glasses component is functional indefinitely as long as you properly care for them. This means you save money, stay focused, excel at your game, and protect your eyes – all in one neat little bundle.

Will I notice the blue-light filtering a lot?

While at first it may take some adjusting to the new blue-light filtering technology that gaming glasses bring to the table, you will quickly notice a difference in your eyes’ health. There is usually a brief transition time for first-time gaming glasses users to struggle to perform as usual. Once this period passes, most people notice a significant improvement in their vision and overall gaming scores. Therefore, the benefits of these puppies make them totally worth the investment.

Is this legal for competitive gaming?

If you are a competitive gamer, then things get even better because you can do what you love with greater ease. COGS are 100% legal in the competitive gaming world, offering you both eye protection and an edge.

How will it help with my gaming?
If you are a gamer, you know that split-second reactions can make a big difference in your overall gameplay. Reaction time is a skill that is honed over time and aided drastically by outside inputs and general brain functions. 
At COGS, we designed gaming glasses to help you with your gameplay and protect your eyes at the same time. Our glasses give gamers an extra edge by reducing peripheral distractions that might slow down, impede, or create jarring gameplay. Play faster, longer and stronger with COGS gaming glasses.
How is this different from other blue light glasses?
Other blue light glasses might filter out blue light, but they are not designed to help you focus on the same level that COGS gaming glasses can. 

Try COGS and Learn More Today

Want to learn more about COGS gaming glasses and what they can do for you? Want to protect your eyes, excel in your career and recreational gaming, and increase brain productivity? Then you should check out all COGS has to offer by visiting our website to learn more about the life-changing aspects of gaming glasses. Whether you are a novice, a recreational gamer, or at a more advanced level, gaming glasses bring something to the table for everyone: improvement.

With COGS, the newest breakthroughs in neuroscience technology meet creativity through the lens of our lightweight, functional, and protective gaming glasses. Be part of a fast-growing community of active gamers who put their ocular health first. Invest in technology that protects not only your physical health, but also your mental and emotional well-being.
Think of COGS as upgrading your brain’s CPU. These glasses were originally designed for military use, helping soldiers operate under enhanced cognitive capabilities and reduce fatigue and function at their optimal levels. Now, COGS gaming glasses can help you do the same from the comfort of your home. They have been proven to help enhance your mental capabilities, reduce stress and mental health issues, and help you stay more alert overall.

Why are COGS gaming glasses the best available on the market? Because we crafted, tested, and built these glasses based on accurate data! With over five years of detailed human experimentation, data collection, and deep analysis under our belt, COGS has produced the most effective technology in gaming eyewear to date.

We have even received four patents that help us give you an edge in your gaming capabilities. But don’t just take our word for it; trust the research we conducted, which showed that 20% to 50% of people noticed a noticeable reduction in eye strain when using gaming glasses. Others reported up to 30% increased efficiency.

In short, COGS gaming glasses stand out from the competition because of our revolutionary new way of helping gamers stay at the top of their game. Our brains are designed to process everything around us, but sometimes this overstimulation can leave us stressed out and unable to focus on what matters. COGS helps you block out everything in the background and concentrate on the task before you. Try COGS gaming glasses today.

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