Our Influencer Network

???? We’re always on the hunt for new influencers to take our game to the next level. ????

What Does It Mean to Be a COGS Influencer?

To put it simply, it means we’ll coordinate with you on new product launches and collaborate with you to spread the COGS gospel to gamers all over the world.

With flexible commission structures and sponsored features and reviews, the possibilities are endless for us to succeed together. Let’s get after it! Sign up below to be considered as our next COGS influencer!

FAQs About Joining

Do you offer commissions for referred sales?

Of course! Our commission structure is flexible and accommodating. We’re confident we can find the right balance with you.

How long before I hear back from you after applying?

Please allow us up to 48 business hours to respond to your application.


Do COGS actually work? Is the science real?

Absolutely, unequivocally, yes. Our technology was developed while doing research for the Department of Defense, and our chief scientists have been awarded numerous commendations for our discoveries surrounding the technology employed in each and every pair of Cogs.


Can I run a giveaway for my followers?

Absolutely! Our goal (no surprise) is to get COGS into as many gamers hands as possible. Let’s talk options!

Is there a minimum follower account for me to apply?

At this stage of the game, no! Feel free to apply no matter how big or small your following is. We know that some of the smallest followings can be the most engaged. Let’s go!

Will I have to provide personal information about myself?

Not if you don’t want to!


Let’s work together to take our game to the next level. Your followers deserve bigger, stronger, and longer-lasting kill streaks. COGS can help with that! 😉