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The Latest Gaming Glasses Proven by Neuroscience w/ Premium Blue Light Lenses.


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Thanks for supporting us through our pre-order phase! We’ve started manufacturing in the US, and a limited supply will also come with a custom coin minted by our founder and inventor, Dr. Bevilacqua. 

Charger included with purchase of glasses.

Also, includes high quality Blue Light Blocking Lenses.

This product is currently out of stock. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for when the product becomes available again, please go to the “Support” tab and email us.

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Upgrade your Brain’s CPU

Originally designed for military use to enhance operator cognitive capabilities, and reduce fatigue during high tempo operational duty cycles, COGS Gaming Glasses are now being released to the general public to enhance your mental capabilities, reduce mental stress, and lessen mental fatigue!

Over 5 years of human experimentation, data collection, and analysis has gone into the creation of COGS™. With 4 patents awarded, our goal is to provide you an edge while gaming, working, learning, or even relaxing.

Dissertation research shows:

20% - 50%

Reduction of Cognitive Load

16% - 30%

Increase in Efficiency

A Game Changer

COGS Gaming Glasses represent a revolutionary new way for gamers to up their game and gain an advantage over their competition. The human brain is hard-wired to continuously process activities in the peripheral field of vision, and COGS™ uses light emitting technology to block that process and allow your brain to focus its power on the action in front of you. This allows gamers to play faster and sharper for longer periods of time.

Key Features

Updated Hinging Capability
The updated hinging capability makes the glasses comfortable and easy to wear.
Polycarbonate Frame for Increased Durability
Our glasses are made to last.
Smaller battery compartments
Small batteries allows our glasses to be light weight while still having the juice to last through a long gaming session.
Capacitive Touch
One button does it all! Adjust various settings all with a click of a button.


Does it really help with eye fatigue?
COGS are glasses that free your mind to focus more intently, increase mental response times, and maintain higher levels of sharpness for longer periods of time without fatigue.
How will it help with my gaming?
In a world where every millisecond counts, COGS Gaming Glasses provide gamers an extra edge. The technology of COGS Gaming Glasses blocks out peripheral distractions and help wearers play better, faster and longer.
How is this different from other blue light glasses?
The breakthrough technology of COGS Gaming Glasses allows gamers to focus their minds, elevate the skills, and win more contests.
How does it work?
COGS Gaming Glasses employ leading edge neuroscience to enhance video gamers’ performance. The light-emitting technology blocks peripheral distractions and lowers cognitive load on the brain, providing sharper mental reaction, greater focus, and reduced fatigue.
Is this legal for competitive gaming?
COGS are 100% legal to use in the gaming world. It just seems like they shouldn’t be.

4 reviews for COGS Glasses – Gaming

  1. Chris Helton

    Awesome technology!!!

  2. Emanuel


  3. Nancy Brown

    These are absolutely wonderful! Though purchased for gaming… these have made a very noticeable change in my ADHD sons grades as well as his daily anxiety attacks.
    These may not be for everyone; but I would def give these a try if u have such issues.

  4. Jim K.

    …COGS reduces distractions and increases productivity.

    – Check the references section for my full review!

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